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Buying on citymoments is really easy. Navigation through categories, searching for specific products and product selection are simple. Get started by following some simple steps:


1 - Search and explore products

2 - Learn about the product and Add to cart

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4 - Place your order

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1 Search and explore products

We have a wide range of fabulous brands to choose from.

Tip 1: If you're looking for a specific item or brand, use the keyword search box located at the top of the site. Simply type what you are looking for, and prepare to be amazed!



Tip 2: If you want to explore a category of brands, use the ‘Brands’ and ‘Price Range’ menus, and navigate through your favorite brands where we'll feature the best items in each. 


Tip 3: Or just explore through our home page and prepare to be surprised by the latest and best deals in your city.



2 Learn about the product, and Add to cart

Check out the product details, images etc. and click "Add to cart" if the price and features are appropriate for you.



3 Review your shopping cart, and Sign in to checkout

Tip 1: Review your cart and click "Proceed to checkout". Just make sure that all products you want to buy now are there in the shopping cart.



Tip 2: If you're a registered user then just sign in to your account.



Tip 3: If you're not registered yet then simply do by filling our form.





4 Place your order

Tip 1: Provide your address details, where you would like us to deliver your order, and click "Save".



Tip 2: Review the shipping method. Click "Next".


Tip 3: Select your favorite payment method from the convenient payment options we provide. When selecting Credit Cart, fill out your card details, and click "Next".


Tip 4: Finally, just review your shipping details, payment method, and cart then just click "PLACE ORDER".


5 Congrats! Track your order until it's delivered to your door.

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